Clip - an MP3 clipper

Clip clips out a number of bytes from the middle of a file. It is targeted for clipping out sections of larger MP3 files.


Back in 2001, I wanted to clip out specific songs from 2-hour long MP3 streams of DJ Dust shows. Audacity or similar tools were just not capable of doing that with the typical memory available on workstations at that time. We didnŽt find any command line tool doing what I needed either, so Jan Kroken helped me write the first version of Clip.

Since then, Clip has been overtaken by more versatile audio clipping tools like Mp3Splt, but I keep clip around for nostalgic reasons. Besides, I know exactly how it works.

How to use

Run clip [-b ] offset[K|M|s] length[K|M|s]|ŽendŽ infile.mp3 outfile.mp3.
Clip will copy the middle of infile.mp3 and save it to outfile.mp3. Simple!


clip.tar.gz version 0.2.1, includes source and precompiled binaries for Linux, OSX (ppc) and Windows.

Copyright © 2001, 2007 Ole Dahle & Jan Kroken.
Clip is free software. The source code is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).
You may contact me at ole thesign no spam please dahle dot no.

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